Volume 15, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Page 1-102

Building and Regulating the Courage scale to selecting Senior Footballers in accordance with the position of the play

Salam Jabar Sahib; Rafat Abdu Al-Hadei Kadem

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 1-8

This research deals with the progress and the importance of the psychological state in sports especially football , It aims at exploring the proportions of designing and struggle required in each position to be set in a scale which helps the coaches to select the players who possess a psychological readiness in different positions.
The paper comes up with several conclusions , First , the psychological scale is designed in a scientific way to selecting footballers , There is a difference in the levels of courage in accordance with the positions of play.
It is highly recommended that the psychological aspect should not be neglected in selecting footballers and that the scale be used in this respect.

The Contribution of Some Level of Functional Indicators of Emotional Arousal Among Football Players Basketball Youth

Haider Naji Habash; Alia Hamid Abdul Abbas

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 19-24

We can say that the study of arousal emotional and see its effect on the functional indicators of the important things that you should become familiar with the coach and then the predictability of their standard terms of these functional indicators so easy for him a lot of effort, time and assisted on the diagnosis of the mental state of the player and then processed, so the knowledge psychological state of the player can be explained by the reflection of the situation on the functional indicators, and that the problem of the research focused on the process of measuring the psychological conditions experienced by the player of the important things that should be on the knowledge of the coach, and adopt the usual way to identify the level of psychological variables of the player through the measurement forms which do not reflect the real player case as the player might be ashamed to answer questions directed to him in a real and honest, and functional indicators, they reflect the true mood experienced by the player, so I tried the researchers rely on functional indicators to measure arousal emotional associated with sports to compete for by identifying these variables, and the purpose of the study is to identify some of the functional indicators and the level of arousal emotional and find the contribution of some of the indicators functional level of arousal emotional when basketball players young, and the method and procedures include the research community and appointed as been identified research community with famous clubs of the Middle Euphrates South basketball youth participants in the Youth League for season 2012-2013, totaling 108 players belonging to the nine clubs are (SOC and Amarah, Samawah, Kut, Nasiriyah, vigilance and solidarity, Hilla, Imam of the pious) The research sample included players clubs Sports Solidarity Club Diwaniya sports totaling (20) player (10) Sports Club solidarity and (10) for the club Diwaniya sports were chosen randomly, and the study design using the descriptive approach in a manner survey relations connectivity to the suitability of the nature of the search, and were studied variables include (heartbeat and blood pressure systolic blood pressure diastolic and respiratory rate and red blood cells and hemoglobin and vital capacity and VO2max (They found the conclusions of which rise in the level of some functional indicators which both (pulse rate and high blood pressure and Wait and respiratory rate) during exposure to provoke emotional, and there was no change in the level of some functional indicators which Both (Hemoglobin and red blood cells) during exposure to provoke emotional.

The Impact of Sign Language Curriculum in the Descriptive Learn Some Basic Skills of Collective Games and Social Behavior at School Pupils Amal Institute for the Deaf and Dumb Aged 13 - 15 Years

Haider Kadhim Alsalih; Dr. Hazim Musa

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 25-36

Sought current research to prepare a curriculum using sign language as well as the preparation of the adoption of a measure (social behavior school) prepared by (Thaer Rashid, Adnan Jawad 2009) for people with special needs and to determine the impact of the curriculum using sign language descriptive to teach some basic skills of the games group of pupils Institute hope for the deaf and dumb Ammar (deaf - mute) for ages 13-15 years on the school social behavior.
Turn researcher to use the experimental approach with Group One with a pretest and posttest applied approach to the research community and appointed They pupils Amal Institute for the Deaf and dumb and numbered (10) pupils , extracted researcher scientific basis for Scale (social behavior school) prepared by (Thaer Rashid , Adnan Jawad 2009) your special needs component of (64) paragraph of which (32) paragraph measure the adequacy of social and (32) paragraph measure behavior social and runway answer consists of (never , rarely, sometimes , often, always) been applied curriculum prepared by the researcher descriptive sign language extended to 8 weeks at the rate of ( 3) units per week.
After the end of the curriculum researcher used the bag statistical (SPSS) to analyze and process the results have been the researcher that the curriculum prepared sign language descriptive positive impact on student learning Amal Institute for the Deaf and Dumb skills under the curriculum prepared sign language positive impact on the social behavior of school pupils Amal Institute for the Deaf and Dumb.

Building Test the Ability to Decide When Players Premier League Clubs Iraqi Football for a Class of Applicants

Ali Saker Jabir; Haider Kreem Saeed

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 55-62

The decision means to develop the requirements of players and their abilities it can be based on training programs to develop what aspires his players to get to work to achieve through psychological adjustment between him and the demands of the center - athlete as an integrated process starting from the coach and continue to the players about the situation in that one and this will lead to withstand the pressure resulting from the matches different , especially in the area of a football game and thus may develop from sound decision-making , especially if it was based on positive thinking and this has become the work on the development of decision-making capacity is of great importance in this area to identify ways in which it can contribute to the development on an ongoing basis and can create players and puts them in the field of sports life of any kind and size of variables and the problems and difficulties that can face.
It is here that the importance of current research : the need to recognize the power in decision-making and away and distinguish them from other concepts that interfere with him in the field of sports.
The research problem they represent that the stability of the players in the game and the consistency of his behavior and maturity of the emotional and composure , patience and ability to withstand the conditions of the games and how to treat the problems that face should be on the basis of sound thinking and ambitious players and their awareness and abilities the actual fact that the game of football is affected by several variables barbed while we see the development of decision-making of the core functions and basic functions for the players because they give the amount of the success of the team in addition to the skills of his players mental and to what characterized the thinking abilities , including the ability to make decisions and corrupted research community of players Premier League clubs Iraqi category applicants football season 2013-2014 totaling ( 466 ) player to distributors (16) Club.

The Impact of Audio-Visual Models and Special Exercises to Learn the Effectiveness of the Extrusion of Gravity and Develop Some Special Mental Abilities and Achievement

Abdullah Hussein Al-Lami; Rana Mohammed Al- Jubouri

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 63-72

The motor learning one scientific task that has received further developments and changes to his big role in building the learner correct build integrated works to solve its problems, so it appeared in this area teaching methods many moves where the effort and activity in the process of learning from the teacher to the learner being longer axis basis for the process educational. The method models audiovisual one cognitive styles (cognitive), which have attracted the attention of many researchers. The importance of research in the need to schedule a special exercises effectively extrusion of gravity to improve the mental side with the educational aspects using models audiovisual and standardization of the production gain learning with a range farther In such a system for scheduling the learners acquire experiences huge in learning about whether the operation took place on each side or style alone.
Through the work of a researcher in the field of teaching I noticed a weakness evident in the performance skills of learners in the activities of chucking, including the ejection of gravity in spite of the effort of the teacher, but this was necessary to use new methods accompany the educational process and the statement of its importance to the effectiveness of the desired learned. The aim of the research to prepare the curriculum using models audiovisual own effectively extrusion of gravity, and to identify the impact of the curriculum prepared using models of audio-visual and special exercises to learn the effectiveness of the extrusion of gravity and develop some brainpower and achievement, and it was the imposition of research and there are significant differences between the results of the tests (tribal - moderation - a posteriori) the impact of the curriculum prepared to learn the effectiveness of the extrusion of gravity and develop some brainpower and achievement, the researcher used the experimental method and applied research on a sample of students from the first phase of the Faculty of Physical Education (20) students and the researcher conducting the process of homogeneity of the sample individuals in the variables that have a relationship physical performance tests was to determine the most important on the subject of the study, including: (Tests of mental abilities - tests evaluating the technical performance - achievement test)
The researcher used the following means to implement models audiovisual They (the booklet coder - living model - CD (CD) and special exercises included exercises mentality, has been the application of the foregoing by units of tariff and educational and training amounting to (18) units in (9) weeks, according to the vocabulary of the curriculum used to that stage and by two units per week, and the researcher conducted tests interfaces and includes all the tests that were conducted in the pre-test and in the same conditions and finally the post .

The impact of learning style mixed in learning the skill of rolling and cognitive achievement in football

Alaa Khaldun Zedan; Basheer Mohammed Farhan

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 73-82

The learning style mixed considered one of the modern methods of learning and working to stimulate the senses of the student from the nose reflected on the performance through the use of more than one station in the learning of the substance or effectiveness or one skill through the use of new tools in learning is here demonstrated the importance of research using the method of learning mixed with the students to expand their knowledge, which is reflected on their application to the performance of the skill and access to the level of the best in educational degree courses (the collection of knowledge) and the delivery of modern information to them either research problem lies in found that more educational methods used in teaching the basic skills of a substance football in the College of Physical Education - University of Qadisiyah are methods that rely on the teacher in learning more of them to use the tools of the modern means of learning, especially in the practical side during learning and the integration of the theoretical and practical application while knowing that the 60 degree practical and theoretical 40 degrees. Hence felt the researchers to use a new style and modern, a (learning style mixed) and conduct a field study to see its advantages and work on the preparation of an educational program that contains updated information has been the goal of research is to identify the effect of the method adopted by the teacher to learn the skill of rolling and level of cognitive achievement in football and the impact of learning style mixed in learning the skill of rolling and the level of achievement of cognitive skill in football has been assumed researchers the learning method used effect in learning the skill of rolling and the level of achievement of cognitive skill in football that the learning style mixed effect in learning the skill of rolling and the level of achievement of cognitive skill in football either
Areas of the Research:
1-The human sphere: the first-year students in the Faculty of Physical Education - University of Qadisiyah.
2-Spatial domain: the halls and playgrounds College of Physical Education, University of Qadisiyah and Internet Hall at the College of Veterinary Medicine.
Temporal area: 19/2 / 2014- 4/5/2014
The research method, the researchers used the experimental method design (two equivalent groups) experimental and control to fit the problem to be considered for achieving the goals of the research and its homework and the researchers have identified research community who are first-year students in the Faculty of Physical Education - University of AL-Qadisiyah for the academic year (2013-2014) and totaling (90) distributors to (4) groups. The sample was randomly selected in a manner (lottery) and divided into two groups Group (D) which are working by followed the teacher' style (20), a control group either the second group of students Division (C) an experimental operating style of learning mixed with number (20).

Biomechanics measurement of some general motor aspects of Quick hit for the Specialist player in the1_2 position in volleyball game

Hussein Mardan Omar; Barakat Abdul Hamza Hamad

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 83-92

This study aimed to identify the biomechanics measurement to some aspects of the general movement of the specialist player at the 1_2 position in volleyball game as well as to identify the differences between the biomechanics measurement to some aspects of the general movement of the specialist player at the the1_2 position in volleyball game,
The researcher suppose that there are differences in the biomechanics measurement of some aspects of the general movement for the specialist player at the the1_2 position in volleyball game,
Descriptive survey manner was used so suitable to the nature of the research problem , selecting the research community from specialists players from Iraqi elite league, sports season (2014-2015) and totaling (8) player ,and researcher chose the research sample intentionally who play in elite clubs volleyball , that have best specialist performance for the Position 2 and (1.2) that called a player (OPPOSIT) a player from the anterior area Position 2 and back area Position 1 and for all matches , homogeneity was calculated of the some variables that represent the specifications of the sample for the purpose of making sure of homogeneity .

The relation of non whimsical abilities at spontaneous and accumulated physical responses to competition efforts for the applicant boxers at (60-81) kg weigh

Ahmed Abid Alzahiraa; Mokhalad Abbas Mihmood Alfoady

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 9-18

The first chapter includes research introduction: it is clear that scientific researches gone towards study different applications to the sciences among them are knowing physical changing which occur inside the muscled cell to product the sufficient energy for sportive performance . it is significant for metabolism processes to achieve adapting in body biological system to stand against the fatigue which is happened from the physical efforts .
The problem of research is cleared in researcher observation of decreasing in performance level during the match specially in second and third round which gradual decreasing has been started because lowering of levels of player's physical abilities which affected of match results , this is the reason beyond the problem that researcher deal with . it is the level decreasing and do not promoting to perfect adapting for biological system which is harmonized with specialty of boxing game which is reflected by physical indicators such as lactic acid concentration ratio , pulsing average , blood pressure , breathing times , whimsical and non whimsical abilities ).
The third chapter:
The researcher use the descriptive style of connective relations .for the research community , the participants boxer in Iraq championship for boxing 2012 at (60-81 ) kg weigh. And Conclusions , recommendations.

Determine the best time to eat the last meal in metabolic rate and concentrations of insulin and glucose and sugar threshold Al-lactic players first division football clubs to lounges

Falah Hassan Abdullah; Zainab Yahya Noor

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 93-102

The purpose of the present study is concentrated in the knowledge of the time period is better to eat a meal that precedes the match directly as divergent views on the best period of time and Maerafgaha Bayukemiaiah of changes in the athlete's body. Therefore the research sample of players first division clubs to futsal totaling 12 players has been formed representing the clubs agree, Diwaniyah by 6 players each club, either studied variables were included insulin and sugar glucose and representation rate for Agmaia threshold Hal lactic , As it was conducted biochemical and physical examination before and during port physical effort after the end of the meal two hours and three hours and four hours each day separately. The players have led the private physical effort by measuring the threshold Al-lactic time included four stages each stage 4 minutes getting faster Alteradmill the end of each stage. The researchers reached a number of conclusions of the most important.
 longer period (3) hours after the last of the best period of meal (2) hours of energy exchange and the accumulation of energy waste.
 insulin to continue to rise during the period (2 hours) after eating can not return from the glucose concentration to normal time to rest before eating
The attic researchers recommend the following:
 period (3) hours before the competition in the best take advantage of the physical effort anaerobic players Quintet.
 accreditation meal prepared by researchers in terms of quantity and quality, each according to the player's weight.