Volume 15, Issue 3, Summer 2015, Page 1-94

Impact way Display models using mental perception in learning a skill challenge on the balance beam for the students of a middle school

Rahim Roih Habib; Basma Tawfik Saleh

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 1-12

Research included five doors included the first door on front and the importance of search terms included provided game gymnastics and the role and means display models and visualization of mental Teaching appeal on balance beam. Either research problem is poor performance of students the skill to challenge the balance beam being skill vehicle. Either research objectives They recognize the impact of display means mental models and visualization in teaching the skill to challenge the crossbar. either research hypotheses the researcher assumed that there are varying differences between groups in the way models and mental visualization in education. Skill challenge on the balance beam either areas of research have included the human sphere students first row in the middle of freedom for girls in Qadisiyah. - Field temporal: for the period from 10/24/2010 till 12/15/2010 - spatial domain: Square games in school and included Part II on theoretical studies and the following themes: the definition of the model as well as the definition of mental perception and the importance of learning in addition to a balance beam and technical aspects of the performance of a skill challenge on the crossbar Part III has
included the approach used is the experimental method and sample where consisted of (72) student beginner divided into 6 groups were conducted homogeneity and tests under discussi Either Title IV has included present and discuss the findings of her researcher through statistical treatments The Title V has included the following conclusions :
- use means display models helped teach a skill challenge on the balance bea
- appeared preference for models and visualization of the groups within the experiment, as in the following sequence :
- Group Aavh came first prize in the skill - to appeal to the crossbar. Then the fourth set and then the second set and researcher recommends the use of models means and Altsouralakla because of its positive impact security in the learning process.

The relation of the most important minerals salts concentration with the accuracy of some younger's skills in Badminton

Ahmed Abdul-Zahra; Mokhalad Dheyaa Abdulrasool

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 13-26

The research contain fire chapters:
The first chapter :It contain the introduction which is the athletic planning that base on the correct scientific basics through some of the chemicals changes of the body and the effect scope to develop the accuracy improving in the performance of the players in badminton to achieve to the best results during the players performance in the match in badminton which enable the player to dawn the shallot in the component court.
The research aim :
Knowing the relation of most minerals salts concentration in the accuracy of the some skill performances in the flay shallot though design attest during the performance in the badminton match.
There is are relation between the concentration of some the mineral salts in the body with the accuracy in the performance of some skills in badminton.

Fields of the research :
The humanistic field :the national team players in badminton of the men young class in 2012 who are classified by the Iraqi’s central federation in badminton .
The temporal field : the period from 20/12/2012 Till 15/2/2013
The place field : the indoor of the athletic athoriain club in Baghdad city .
The second chapter:- It included the following subject (the mineral salt generally ,the sodium ,potassium ,magnesium ,calcium specially ).
The third chapter: the research uses the descriptive curriculum by the cares style , the connection relation –the research specimen , the using tools , design the accuracy test , the experimental discovering scientific basics the main scientific basic and the statistic means .
The fourth chapters: It’s contain the showing results in schedule then analysis them and discussion them and the conclusions , Recommendations

Design and Rationing Tests to Measure Performance and its Relationship to Carry a Concentration of Lactic Acid and Some Blood Salts for the Player Prepared in Volleyball

Hazem Musa Abud; Alaa Kadhem Armoot

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 27-40

The researcher conducting his research marked the design and rationing test to measure bearing performance and the relationship between concentration of lactic acid and some salts of blood to the player prepared volleyball for the resolution of the problem of the lack of test measures the recipe bearing performance specialty was the goal is to build a physical exam skills to measure the recipe bearing performance and to identify the change happening in some physiological variables before and after the test , as well as knowledge of the relationship between tolerance test performance and the concentration of lactic acid and salts of blood to the player prepared I suppose researcher to test prepared measures recipe bearing performance of the player prepared and no significant difference between before and after the test , as well as no correlation correlation between tolerance test the performance of the player prepared and the concentration of lactic acid and salts of the blood, and the researcher used a descriptive approach style survey and relationships connectivity , as the researcher to build test and applied to a sample consisting of (69) player of the players clubs Euphrates and the southern area of the youth center player prepared ( booster ) divided on (26 ) club , and it concluded researcher that the test designer measures the recipe bearing performance as well as a difference significant between before and after the test for the concentration of lactic acid and ionic (K, Na) and there is no difference correlation between before and after the test for the concentration of calcium ion , and also the existence of relations link between stress tests.
The researcher recommends the need for attention tests and standards physical and technical skills because they reflect the level up mechanism passing through the stages of numbers as well as the need to find a test that combines physical side and skills in the various physical attributes and all of the games , especially team sports with emphasis on specialization skills both in finding new tests or in the training curriculum.

Prediction of the Skillful Performance Level as the physical Abilities to Select the Young futsal Goal Keeper

Adnan Ngesh Hassan; Mei Ali aziz

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 41-54

¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬The study aimed to identify the most important capabilities technique and physical goalkeepers young reel Aakaddm to futsal as well as relations correlation between these capabilities as well as to predict the level of performance skills , so as to the importance and the role of selection in predicting the level of performance skills first, and the lack of studies on this aspect II. The researcher used the descriptive approach Basilobh survey and relationships connectivity and ensure that the community and the research sample goalkeepers youth football for halls totaling 48 guard After determining the capacity skills and physical as well as determine the tests was applied to the sample and data processing statistically consistent with the objectives of the research as well as view the findings researcher and analyzed and discussed through which was reached the following conclusions:
1 - The existence of a significant relationship between the performance skills and physical abilities .
2 - predictive equation was developed the skill to perform according to the physical abilities .
The main recommendations were:
1 - Adoption of the predictive equation for the selection of goalkeepers youth football to futsal
2 - Adoption of the coaches on the tests used in this study.

Effect Learning the Knowledge in Learning Certain Types of Coring Basketball for Children (11-12 Years)

Salam Jabir sahib; dheaa Thamer Matar

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 55-62

Researcher mention to learning, especially in the field of sports, educational methods for serving side skills, especially in a game of basketball. In the field of sports, in particular, as well as basketball and its importance and its rival football in the last period is characterized by the fast pace of the game as well as have been addressed to the basketball skills and mastery learning
Researcher pointed out in this chapter to the research problem and in which he stated the researchers noted the lack of attention to mastery style through the process of education or training, especially when you learn the skill of scoring, and the fact that the skill scoring enjoy the privacy of being one of the skills difficult to learn and therefore they need and no doubt to the master in performance especially from the beginning of the learning
Areas of research which are:
1-The human sphere: junior basketball players between the ages of 11-12 years.
2-Temporal sphere: the period from 09/06/2013 till 01/11/2013.
3-Spatial domain: Hall of Diwaniyah and Al-Rfidain Sports Club Stadium.
Research Methodology:
The researcher used the experimental design and the same group and also included this chapter to the research community and appointed by the researcher has identified his research community who are novice players basketball ages 11-12 years. Totaling (50) player was selected sample of them the way the simple random (lottery) as the researcher selected 10 players from the research community.

Building program heuristic proposal in accordance with the positive thinking among players Premier League clubs Iraqi football for a class of applicants

Ali saker Jabir; Haider Kareem Saeed

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 63-70

Growing interest in guidance psychological as one of the main objectives sought by the coaches for mastery Besides the many challenges confrontation to them and that have been affected by all aspects of life sports in order to adjust the capacity for decision-making process and routed successfully and is not this only through the activity of perceptual effective and proportionate to the nature of the situation , which is used by Players to get the necessary information related to those problems and get to acquire the ability to make the decision , so the psychological counseling is one of the necessary requirements for each player it constitutes an important tributary to the consensus player with his colleagues and the need to achieve their goals and ambitions and has the right to develop and develops thinking attribute the positive has to be effective and proficient in the process of tuning the decision and this is what contributes to the support and encouragement of the coach to the players to ensure the self-confidence that he had a strengthening of success sought by the coach and through help players of all ages and their level of thinking and orientation .
It is here that the importance of current research , including the following : construction of a pilot program based on positive thinking to be accessible to those concerned about the efficiency of the development of the players.
The problem of the research , it was found that psychological counseling to achieve a major role in helping the football players that take themselves realistic goals consistent with their abilities and aptitudes as it helps them to understand themselves a proper understanding through the calendar themselves and know their abilities and weaknesses and their strengths and helping them to use their abilities to the maximum extent possible about what they contain social life and the circumstances of the game -changing as the search problem is embodied in the size of the pressures faced by football players in general and the media and sports fans in particular , as the players are facing positions them in front of many of the questions about pressure , so that the function extension contribute to bring about changes in the character of the player that enables it to make decisions about the future as well prepared to cope with the changing circumstances of the game , since that behavior changes when there is progress towards a solution by enabling players to reach the sporting achievement .
And corrupted research community of players Premier League clubs Iraqi applicants for a class of football season and the 2013-2014 's (466) player to distributors (16) Club.

The Impact of Audio-Visual Models and Special Exercises to Learn the Effectiveness of the Extrusion of Gravity and the Development of Some Special Physical Abilities and Achievement

Dr. Abdullah Hussein Al-Lami; Rana Mohammed Al-Jubouri

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 71-80

The motor learning one scientific task that has received further developments and changes to his big role in building the learner correct build integrated works to solve its problems, so it appeared in this area teaching methods many moves where the effort and activity in the process of learning from the teacher to the learner being longer axis basis for the process educational. The method models audiovisual one cognitive styles (cognitive), which have attracted the attention of many researchers.
The importance of research in the need to schedule a special exercises effectively extrusion of gravity to improve the physical side with the educational aspects using models audiovisual and standardization of the production gain learning with a range farther In such a system for scheduling the learners acquire experiences huge in learning about whether the operation took place on each side or style alone.
Through the work of a researcher in the field of teaching I noticed a weakness evident in the performance skills of learners in the activities of chucking, including the ejection of gravity in spite of the effort of the teacher, but this was necessary to use new methods accompany the educational process and the statement of its importance to the effectiveness of the desired learned. The aim of the research to prepare the curriculum using models audiovisual own effectively extrusion of gravity, and to identify the impact of the curriculum prepared using models of audio-visual and special exercises to learn the effectiveness of the extrusion of gravity and the development of some physical abilities own and achievement, and it was the imposition of research and there are significant differences between the results of the tests (tribal - moderation - a posteriori) the impact of the curriculum prepared to learn the effectiveness of the extrusion of gravity and the development of some physical abilities own achievement, the researcher used the experimental method and applied research on a sample of students from the first phase of the Faculty of Physical Education (20) students and the researcher conducting the process of homogeneity of the sample individuals in the variables that have a relationship physical performance tests was to determine the most important on the subject of the study, including:
)Tests of mental abilities - tests evaluating the technical performance - achievement test)
The researcher used the following means for the implementation of an audio-visual models
- Programmed booklet - living model - CD (CD) and special exercises and mental exercises included.
- The application of the foregoing by units of tariff and educational and training amounting to (18) units in (9) weeks, according to the vocabulary of the curriculum used to that stage and by two units per week, and held a researcher tests interfaces and includes all the tests carried out in the pre-test and in the same circumstances and finally carried out a posteriori tests.

Causal relationship in building a model for some of the variables contributing to the performance Albiyukinmetekih strike the back hand in tennis

Husham Hundawy Huedi; Mushtak Abdu Alrada Mashi

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 81-88

The strike ground back hand in tennis is one of the strikes the task and the wide use along the game so must know what the variables that contribute to the performance of the movement the best representation so is the process of training a manner that improves the level of the player's performance while saving time and effort expended as a result of trial and error that adopt it to tennis players while performing the exercises so dependent duplicates multiple During the process of skills training to adjust and improve performance, but this is not enough, but must undergo the process of training to perfect harmony between the training process and adjust variables Albiyumkanikih mission to improve the level of achievement and this can only be achieved through the cooperation of all of science Albiyumikanek and science sports training in order to be control of the movement as a whole used
The importance of research in providing a means of scientific make training curriculum more effective so as to reliance on accurate values indicate the priorities of the variables that must be included in the curriculum to be used and its priorities, one of which on the other by revealing relationships phenomenon and hidden, which does not stay with him a doubt for the omission of what would be a link in the training process and thus build a scientific base is utilized by researchers in the study of phenomena that reliable performance skills in order to develop training plans are correct and studied to improve the rate of various sporting events.
The research problem : the research problem of lack of knowledge of the most important variables that must be dealt with during the training process, and that these variables affect other variables to exit the outcome of advanced performance for this type of strikes this side, and the other hand, the nature of the statistical work, the user provides a mechanism primacy of these variables each making it easier for some training work to save time and effort expended.
The research aims to
1-to identify the relationships of direct and indirect variables Albiyumkanikih skillfully strike the rear floor in tennis
2-build a model of a causal relationship the most important variables Albiyukinmetekih skillfully strike the rear floor in tennis
The obligatory Search:
1-the presence of significant mutual relations directly and indirectly between the other independent variables, intermediate and skill of the strike the rear floor.
The researchers used the descriptive manner causal relationships. The community famous tennis aged (17-18 years) who represent clubs southern region and Central's (60) as a player, was chosen as the research sample way intentional players who practice effectively within the scope of the players applicants for the regions and clubs mentioned amounted research sample (28) players. Find variables were identified through a group of experts was conducted imaging analysis of the sample and the use of variables by kinetic analysis program (kinovea) and the concluded , the recommendations

Identify the Level of the Muscle Strength for the Hostile Team of AL-Qadisiyah University in 100 m Running

Dr. Akram Hussein Jabur; Mohammed Talib Mousa Alkraawi

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2015, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 89-94

The first chapter include an introduction and the importance of the research where that The most important characteristic of the present era is the great development of scientific and technology that happened in all fields of life and the emergence of the products of modern scientific inventions Which brought tremendous changes, where this development opening good horizons for research and progress in life, including the area sports, and the research's problem of searching through inform researchers on a lot of drills hostile team of AL-Qadisiyah University in the track and field. Observe the lack of adequate attention to identify the level of muscle strength of the party right and the left of the rider during training periods and thus helps to build training curricula appropriate with level and the requirements of effectiveness and researchers began here in order to identify the level of muscle strength of the muscles working and anti-personnel has been the goal of the research sample search to:
- identify the level of muscle strength in the hostile team of AL-Qadisiayah University in 100 m running - Compared to the right party and left of muscle strength at the level of the hostile team at the AL-Qadisiyah university in 100 M running.
The search assume the following: -
There are differences in muscle strength of the hostile team between the right party and left in 100 m running.
Chapter four involve the presentation and discussion and analysis of results.
Conclusions: the level of muscle strength of extended muscles has reached
( 20,75)for the right brachium where overcome fold muscle of the brachium where reached
Recommendations: muscular strength exercises attention because of its positive impact on the physical attributes.