Volume 9, Issue 1, Spring 2009, Page 1-260

Fluency psychological Tdrisie College of Physical Education - University of Qadisiyah by sex, age and scientific title

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 215-226

Interest in psychology as a note of the important in achieving excellence in the field of education and educational It is one of the important rules in the process of psychological preparation of the individual and without it is difficult to achieve psychological stability in various spheres of life , including the teaching process as it is education a key factor in the development of communities is the foundation for any building is it is known that the most advanced societies in all disciplines give great attention to and effective in the educational process , where he sees the experts and specialists in physical education to the development in this field should aim to understand the objectives of the performance of material and level followed by the educators in reaching the goals and the level and ways you can tracking taught. ( ) . From this perspective emphasizes modern education on the individual differences that exist between teachers , including the multiplicity of their teaching and the difference , mental , making the ability to process psychological stability and an end to the material and lesson positively free from any confusion and complete control over the process of teaching , which is the way the tanker to the development of science . The fluency psychological of the most important manifestations of mental facing university teacher in the current era is full of complexities and requirements and also is the instability of fluency psychological teacher lesson should have an impact in the process of dispersion and does not continue to deliver the material to the students properly and thus give rise to a state of tension and unbalance psychological . For the purpose of giving a greater opportunity for the teacher in the university of different variables ( sex and scientific title and age). It has lies the importance of research in the following points : - This study is a new step in the detection of the talents of the teacher in the university teaching in the classroom and in the terms of reference Fajtlv theoretical and practical . / > 2 - the lack of this study in the Iraqi environment and specifically in the faculties of Physical Education in Iraq, to the knowledge of the researchers know about the teacher fluent in psychological lesson as well as the relationship of sex and scientific title and age in terms of taking out the lesson beside myself stable and regular .

A study of some physiological indicators of the circulatory system of the Jmavin according to energy production systems

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 138-151

The evolution of the various sciences associated with using hardware technologies in the field of scientific research , which provides researchers connotations of numeric values ​​, and in which they can make judgments objective and appropriate for the diagnosis of the cases studied contributed unrivaled in the orientation of the researchers of the research centers for the use of those techniques and devices in the areas of scientific research and various types of science different . The physiological studies in the field of sporting events among multiple domains , which elaborated researchers from scientists sports physiology in providing research contributed to the results in the development of the mathematical level and through the building and correct curriculum adopted in line with the suit and the characteristics of each of the sporting events and the capabilities of the athletes on the basis of the results can be reached through such research . considered a subject of study systems of energy production topics of great importance in the field of sporting events and that as energy is the source of muscular contractions causing movement and body positions different , as there are many physical activities and motor by the athlete concentrated about a systems Otnag energy and on an ongoing basis is also known that the events and sports games contain ratios varying from systems of energy production note that there are features of the games in the kind of system used , and testing functionality comes at the forefront of things to be knowledge of the extent of their response to efforts in accordance with the systems of energy production and the above the researcher said that the importance of his research is based on use of hardware technologies to see the impact of efforts physical according to the systems of energy production in some physiological variables to the circulatory system when Aljmavin to help provide what help those in charge of the affairs of the game by giving them a broad understanding of the impact of the exercises carried out in bringing about the changes and appropriate responses and the characteristics of their activities as well as be positive over what provides them with wide range of sizes and act to promote the positive cases and evaluate the negative ones .

The coherence of the football players and its relationship to their achievement in the league Palestinian Premier

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1-14

That the phenomenon of cohesion group of phenomena changing it is not constant with time and is expected to increase the cohesion of the group with the passage of time , but if encountered the group threats or internal conflicts , it at least the degree of cohesion and stops the cohesion of the group on the social changes inside the bezel and a sense of members of their wish to stay within the group and the degree of saturation within the group more or less than the cohesion of the group whenever knows Members that a lot of their needs not saturate whenever the weakness of the cohesion of the group as well as the social status of the group has a role as one of the variables in an increase or a lack of cohesion , if decreased social status of the group , the lower the gravity Valley this to a real threat cohesion Aljamaahually that can determine the quality of the cohesion of the group ( team ) in the following - the cohesion of the task ( orientation towards the goal ) adhering to the social ( the degree of relations among them ) on the other hand confirms the researcher that there are factors to ensure the architecture and the cohesion of the team sports a round visibility ( functions and role of each individual clearly and accurately ) to accept the role ( of satisfaction and acceptability of the role ) perform the role of perceived (ie side behavioral role in accordance with the specific responsibility for the implementation of the role and indicates both Abdul Hafeez and Bahi (2001) to the cohesion of the team sports is one of the most important factors in the success of the team, and often attribute the players and coaches the success or failure of the team to the extent of the group's work together as a cohesive unit . When unbeaten team on a high degree of excellence of a team less talented , they attribute the coach to not play well as a team cohesive and interesting each player to show his skills of individual rather than doing Bojbath specific him as a member of Alvrivobiva citing " Caron 1984" that the cohesion and stability of the collective are linked together in a way circular , in the sense that the more the stay of the team together , the more the appearance of cohesion are more likely , and whenever the team became more cohesive , whenever the selection of members to leave the team less likely indicates Researcher cohesive team that will be more productive in the habit . , therefore, increase the cohesion of the team reflected positively on the productivity and effectiveness in achievement motivation

Accept the concept of self in athletes with special needs in the Republic of Iraq

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 42-58

Enjoy programs of care for people with special needs with great interest by the developed world , and that the vital role played by the group , which represents one of the segments of society the multiple must be given to them to guide them and invest even not be a burden to other classes and thus be effective in its construction and development in all areas where it became this programs represent a form of urbanization and progress of any human society . One of these areas is the sports field where the form input educationally directed contribute to the rehabilitation of people with special needs and enables them to do movements in the various and necessary to spend their needs and their interest is the interest in the psychological aspects of people with special needs one of the factors that help in their rehabilitation and return to society to leave injury disability from the effects of negative the character of the victim as a result of the loss of part of his physical or disabled and the consequent disruption of the compatibility psychological with itself and with the community and support these changes as well as the severity of disability on the integration of the personality of the individual patient and the extent of his willingness to be adjusted from the direction in which he himself any acceptable for itself and Augah and realizes that his abilities and Tkablaat residual constitute elements of force to regain his humanitarian community Hence the importance of research in building scale concept accept self in athletes with special needs to stand on the fact that they will accept themselves and thus provide for the institutions responsible for the care of this segment of the clear images on the most important characteristics and qualities of their personality and constituents over their assessment of her , making it easier to develop athletic performance through the development of mental abilities

Concern teaching and its relationship to some personality traits

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 174-190

Since the foot and outlook for the teacher look appreciation and reverence and that His message is sacred and honorable throughout the ages , he is a teacher of generations , educators , and if we look at the meaning of this sacred mission and profession noble concluded that the teaching profession which is chosen by the teacher and I come from it is a profession basic and important pillar in the progress of nations , sovereignty , and attributed by some nations in the fields of culture and sophistication to the teacher and education. The teacher's a key element in the educational process , and play characteristics of cognitive and emotional play an important role in the effectiveness of this process , since these properties constitute one input educational significant impact one way or another in the resulting grades , the teacher is able to play its role effectively , which is dedicated to finding opportunities better education for his students could affect the levels of achievement . As he studied practical training ( application) for students Almtbakan colleges and departments of physical education was a key element in the program of preparation of teachers and a prerequisite for graduation , as is the living embodiment of both practical experience and education obtained by the student during his studies it is known that the personality traits of the individual impact in his behavior and personality composed with each other in the formation of the basic unit of the structure of personal and that creates in the individual inclined to responses permanent relatively true mark of a general sense that can differentiate on the basis of individual and another , and also that people can distinguish them among some as through the attribution of some qualities to the body , such as short or a long as well as to distinguish between individuals in terms of their behavior by assigning attributes such as inclosed or extrovert well aware and arbitrator agrees this theory attributes that says that each individual character traits fixed can notice it can also differentiate between one person and another , or distinguish between people each and on the basis of some of these features on the other hand , these features as well as stability in general, in the sense that a person can be described in general and a large degree of stability as well as well as the different features that can be attribution to him .. From the above show the importance of research to identify the concerns of teaching and its relationship to some personality traits as measured by the scale used in the search for students Almtbakan .

The relationship between the difference of some events in the light of the specific capacity of skill level in the game of tennis Ground

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 191-214

The game ball tennis sports mission and that play a role in the preparation of the individual physically , mentally , psychologically and socially through the development of his abilities and potential for positive participation in community service , and that the evolution in this game and the expansion of its base is one of the aspects that reflect the amount of real value . And that the main objective of the learning processes are attempting to access him to the highest level possible to achieve athletic tournaments or competitions in various sports . Therefore there is a need to numbers of people representing this important aspect of this game and perhaps the researchers in this area know that thing through a number of international tournaments that will last through the year so that some players do not participate in tournaments held in spite of their readiness to play because of the stress that accompanied the competition the previous , while in the domestic leagues do not see only two tournaments held in the year and is limited to applicants only , but some clubs conducts tournaments involve young people and youth in order clubs to promote this game , so there is the need for the number of players and a lot for the development of this game and what that underlay upon this game in our country is weak because the buds that build exercise games that are renowned and tradition , we note that football , basketball, volleyball and handball in all provinces , but we do not see broad interest in this game is vital , which reached its peak in the world . It is obvious to any observer that one of the reasons for the spread of this event is the lack of venues and lounges , which is possible to provide ground task that depends upon the large number of practicing this game and therefore, this study represents an ideal alternative to train effectively in other specific cases on according to proximity and distance between them and the Tennis Ground where the training using the other events is one of the ways used by trainers in the conditions will be addressed . This may be so that there is no logical relationship between the individual games such as tennis and games difference here would be appropriate statement that the process of transfer of the impact of learning and training in the form of skills for the Games of various no-name games , even if some of them lead bat, others without it , but the track motor may look similar in some parts of skills and has also been noted in the sources of sports training and motor learning , including ( expresses Khyoun Abdul Hussein, 2002.76 ) " that the player spear practiced handball " at certain stages of the training plan in spite of being one of the games the difference . well that skill level is determined by a set of introductions , including introductions physical it is possible that the collection of physical status in the game of the games mentioned him in its effect to be an introduction to the collection of skill in the game of tennis Ground .

Determine the distance to determine the best goalkeeper to narrow the angle when scoring the penalty throw handball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 226-242

The rapid development taking place in handball which led to raising the level of the player physically and Mharria so that it is eligible to create gaps between the ranks of an opponent and score goals to achieve Alfozelasima and handball are the mass games that rely on to score goals to win make a lot of coaches are looking for ways a new defense against the attacks of an opponent . In the case of the team was subjected to the penalty throws the way defensive first practiced by the coach and the goalkeeper is the narrow angle of the scoring by taking a proper distance . And the lack of studies and research that deals goalkeeper handball offers a researcher studying the Thdidalmsavh best to stand goalkeeper handball when throw the penalty to be guide the work of researchers , coaches and goalkeepers for the adoption of the scientific basis and taking Almsavatalmanasph when the throw penalty . Lies the importance of research in determining the distance is best taken by the goalkeeper to narrow the angle when scoring the penalty throw handball . By watching the goalkeepers hand roller in Diwaniyah province and through inquiries of coaches have made ​​it clear that most goalkeepers do not make the right place at the pitch penalty and the absence of studies determine the distance is best to find out the goalkeeper and in a scientific manner , the keeper of making the right place , the researcher Amdalydrash this problem to contribute to the development of handball goalkeeper service for the movement of sports .

The effect of the harmonic exercises in the development of a sense of kinetic perception on young handball players

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 31-41

The game handball games the difference , which is characterized by the capabilities of many of them physical skills and tactical and mental what these capabilities of an active role in achieving the highest level of art for the game and improve at this level can only be achieved if there is a scientific training balanced includes all the pillars of the training process , whether physical or tactical , mental and upgrade all that would show the technical level of the good during the competition or Alambarrietan effort exerted by the player during the game is not limited to physical exertion and skill , but the interaction of the whole between the organs of the body functional and mental health in order to produce the level of good technician through a combination of physical attributes and skills and by Tam gives the technician 's performance pleased the beholder. the technical performance of the handball game requires the player to possess a mental or cognitive ability of being able to solve the tactical duties entrusted to it and do not make mistakes and legal footwork. Through follow-up researchers for the games in tournaments Iraqi universities and watch the levels of the players observed committing players to many legal errors and skill , which are caused by lack of awareness of attitudes tactical or lack of a sense of distance or field running in the arena which makes it more than a few lines , and areas where the campus of the law on the player to overcome either of the skill and tactical err that possible that committed player is the lack of appreciation of the whereabouts or movement colleague or competitor automatically keeps the continuity of quick play and the lack of slow motion or intermittency on track and believes researchers that one of the reasons that lead to this Alakhtaeho lack of adequate exercise that develops the cognitive and mental abilities of the players . Which alone researchers study this problem to identify the direct causes behind this failure and make mistakes that may affect the level of performance and Jamalith

Professional pressures faced by physical education teachers in Diwaniyah province

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 112-126

Occupies education since antiquity a special place in the lives of communities and individuals , as lead education play an important role in preserving the heritage of the community, as it is a tool that provides this heritage , development and beneficiation and through education is the preparation of the most important elements of the development and progress of society , a manpower trained and qualified , so it should be launched the educational process of the philosophy of the community and its goals and moving towards the future , seeking to realize their aspirations . The physical education part of public education , through which it is building generations are able to contribute in the construction of her home and carry the burdens and responsibilities placed on it , as it has become the sport today and an effective means to achieve the objectives of the communities , no longer a way to create a hero , but rather a very social exercised everyone can be achieved and through social requirements and give students moral character , educational and social good as well as the physical attributes and skill . The longer school sports first phase to discover promising talents in the field of sports , and this is not taken security during a lesson for Physical Education has full specifications in terms of abundance squares and gadgets as well as the teacher is able to perform this lesson typically in which you can achieve the goals of public and private , as the teacher significant role in determining the quality of learning and its direction , and then the quality of the future of the generations and the life of the nation because of the role of an active role in shaping the character of pupils , as it occupies the stage of primary school of great significance as the foundation stone which commends it grades later , as it acquires the students in this grade basic social skills and provide them with an opportunity where the growth capacity and preparations that take shape in the early stages of study following this stage , as it provides them with great wealth of language and a substantial body of vocabulary and learn the optimal use of the senses and trained a lot of motor skills that are consistent with the age , growth and directing its activities and encourage on the starting directed from a young age , since all the thrills Ocean translated children to movement , which helps them in building the capability kinetic them , they learn to practice motor through practice free of cans , in the physical education lesson , which contributes to the formation of block first in supplying sports clubs and national teams most promising players , and highlights the importance of making progress in teacher learning process , since any educational activity depends mainly on the quality of the teachers who are teaching .

Study fitness levels of students in the Department of Physical Education

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 112-137

Constitute fitness in both its health and Alangazi -based foundation , which is based on the physical activities and sporting events at different levels and ages , and that the interest in physical fitness in a scientific provides a real guarantee for the continuation of the progress that has erected to him . In order to ensure the achievement of the objectives and purposes he studied physical fitness must the teacher said he goes to organized and planned well based on a set of scientific procedures planned and organized in a very precise , and that will help the student achieve high indices in practical lessons , the most important of these procedures direct testing process and based on scientific foundations , which constitutes important tool used by the teacher in his quest to evaluate the abilities and capabilities of the students , Valmadrs efficient and effective is to find ways to ensure that scientific calendar , especially since students were ores and different ages . It is in order to be a teacher potent in the management studied must have a high level of scientific expertise and field , and must be lessons objective relies based on the achievement and student performance on the tests as well as the availability coupled with the flexibility in the output of the lesson and implemented depending on the rate of student progress and the possibilities that are available and try to seek to the development of the pillars of the educational process commensurate with the evolution in the methods and modern teaching methods , as the use of modern concepts in teaching and training provides a real opportunity to improve the levels of fitness . and physical abilities an individual process , ie, it is associated with significant individual circumstances as different individuals in their physical and functional and the extent of their motives psychological , and they differ in their daily living conditions , and what you need certain professions from the requirements of physical or mental , may face an individual sport some physical challenges hard in training or competition , has forced the average person sometimes to work in conditions of physical increase the degree for conditions of ordinary life such as emergency or danger or when you need to perform some overtime . " ( Al-Saadi , p 53.2006 ) . and physical abilities vary in their importance in sports as the per sporting event capabilities physical differ from the physical abilities of the effectiveness of the other in the degree of importance and the need and that any weakness in any physical capability leads to weakness in the performance required . however, that the development of endurance and the efficiency of the circulatory system tract is an essential foundation for the dominant sports.

Measuring job satisfaction for sports coaches in youth centers in the Republic of Iraq

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 59-94

The upgrading of sport in youth centers from the requirements of vital and important because of its direct impact on the level of the sports year, as is the youth centers of vital institutions and important and which play a role in the process of embracing young people and discover their talents and direct manner that serves their careers and designed and developed properly , which is rich in these centers energies and creative potential in all aspects of life , including the sporting side , it is a tributary and a source of abundant energies of sports and an indication of the level of sport in those countries . And sports and one of the most important activities that are practiced in youth centers and it seems that this importance was being represents an outlet for energy physical and kinetic and find where young people a chance to get rid of the confusion and psychological disorder in addition to its significant role in the development of aspects of physical health and even become practice requirements and a way of life rather than a requirement for fun and recreation and career coach in the youth center occupies great importance and clear this importance through the active role played by the train and the number of sports teams and the development of the mathematical level and educational for the players within the sports teams , so they need to special specifications most important precision and care in the work leading to good performance that job satisfaction is one of the most important elements that help in increasing the performance of employees and the continuity of the organization and increase its effectiveness , an issue of great importance to the coaches sports in youth centers and it is linked to the exercise of the various dimensions of their training , which takes most of their time in youth centers and outside , and it must be departments responsible for sport in the Ministry of Youth and Sports to stand on the factors leading to the satisfaction of the coach for his job to be able to provide the right atmosphere to him in order to achieve the objectives of the youth centers in general, and in particular sports activity

A comparative study of inflammation athlete's foot fungus Palme old and nail for some players events aerobic and anaerobic

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 162-173

Causing fungi many types of skin diseases for athletes , since sports and fittings give a good compromise for the growth of fungi , which grow by heat , humidity and lack of entry of the sun to the machines and tools , as well as non- use health tools right before, during and after training. The inflammation of the athlete's foot fungus Palme old Tinea pedis and tinea nail (Tinea unguium) of the infections that arise when athletes due to failure to follow the methods and techniques of health to ensure that prevention of this injury , since these fungal infections are contagious dramatically so that it can spread among family members per soon as you walk barefoot or to participate using towels as well as is the case with athletes while performing the exercises in the halls closed without wear sports shoes or subscribe using sports shoes ... They can also spread to the nails of the feet .. Featuring fungal infections as generally evolve slowly and not erase Z , but after a long period between the fingers begin to change as a result of the occurrence of tumors and swelling and ulceration of the fingers . And sometimes lead to emphysema Darkening fingernail and break it , and both cases are frequently accompanied by pain gradually increased , especially when the performance of the modules .... Which will reflect negatively in the training process , so the researchers felt the study of the reality of this injury and compared between some aerobic and anaerobic activities in order to stand up for what they are diagnosed and for making recommendations that will contribute to ensure the prevention of the recurrence of such injury.

The positive impact of the development of flexibility in terms of flexibility in the performance of surplus beating overwhelming Volleyball Youth

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 152-161

One of the main goals of sports training is to try to gain access to the individual athlete to the highest level possible in the type of physical activity practice through the development of various abilities and skills and the qualities and attributes of the individual , whether physical or skill or tactical manner contribute to increase the ability to achieve better levels. Considered the flexibility of the important elements that make up the physical attributes other pillars upon which to build the acquisition and mastering the correct performance of the skills of various sports , and confirms some of the flexibility of the important qualities of the performance of the motor , both in terms of quality or quantity as to contribute significantly to influence the development of features Urdu Kalshjaah and self-confidence , etc., Flexibility is the range and ease of movement in the joints of the body. The degree of flexibility from one individual to another according to the possibilities of anatomical and physiological characteristic of the individual and depends largely on the ability of tendons, ligaments and muscle elongation , and flexibility as a term athlete is called a muscle nor called on the joint , and chewy muscle means the ability to elongation to the farthest possible distance to it. Foregoing highlights the importance of searching through the fact that flexibility is the common denominator in all sporting activities and crystallized their importance in performance skills , so the selection easier and easier ways to develop the flexibility to reach even the minimum required skill as researcher tried reasoning surplus flexibility and choice of exercises that you should start with the development over the movement in the joint training and guidance flexibility towards the goal with the economic time and effort has been concerned with the researcher to find the shortest way to the development of flexibility that serve significantly more skills to the game of volleyball as well as other sporting activities .

Alforma sports calendar for runners 400 meters hurdles

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 95-111

Focused on countries of the world in recent benevolent developed for various sports at all levels , and it showed through Mashahdnah at the Olympics and the World Championships of improving performance and technical level digital , as the world has witnessed rapid development in athletics after he developed the world's developed great potential to raise the level Sports in ways that advanced scientific which to invest technical capabilities and physical athletes all , making them pray to the highest level and won medals at the international and Olympic among the events athletics effectiveness of the enemy (400) -meter hurdles is one of the activities of athletics , which is characterized by speed , power, and excitement , where this classified Hits events within the speed short- long-term (relatively ), WA n competition continuing to break down the numbers and achieve the highest level of achievement in the activities of athletics in particular, and the effectiveness of the enemy (400) -meter hurdles in particular is one of the topics that occupy the minds of many of those interested in achieving the digital evolution for this event due to the long distance race and time commuting , as it relies effectiveness in performance motor and skill to achieve the highest levels on the physical characteristics and physiological and degree of integration among them, is the process of evaluating the training programs of the foundations important to know the effectiveness of these programs and their impact on the level of performance in both the run ( the period of formation Alforma sports ) or competition period ( period installed Alforma sports ) . It is through the experience of the researcher in the training activities of athletics and be informed of the sources , believes that the tests evaluate level is one of the indicators that reflect the level him up player during the competitions , whether these tests physical or physiological or psychological , and sometimes tests focused on the enemy distances each At least clocked Specialist and some more than others and it uses clocked Specialist . And to predict the level of performance of the player and stand on his condition training and therefore his participation in the competition.

The impact of a training program for the elongation of the muscles surrounding the cervical rib syndrome and some distortions skeleton

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 243-260

A lot of people are exposed to injuries , whether sports or opposed by many people exposed to deformation and Valley obliged to deal with the same methods can affect to his health improved . So any therapeutic approaches in ways that sound and without complications involved for the person 's safety and the development of cases of healing gradually , and these cases are acquired rib cervical which hide the impact on the affected person to accompany symptoms affect in some capacity on the viability person to exercise his daily life , a congenital in nature , but the injured person out do not feel Boaradha not upon the arrival of the person to the age of thirty , including determined that the muscles associated with the syndrome rib cervical and which may affect the veins and arteries and nerves of the area neck . Moreover, the strength of which is characterized by an individual has a clear impact on the extent of an individual's susceptibility to communicate with other individuals the more the situation worse for the strength that was an obstacle in the instability of the patient's condition , research has demonstrated many in this area that the distortions skeleton that were not genetic or pathological they occur as a result of the habits wrong in stillness and motion , and that lead to the use of the unbalanced muscles responsible for maintaining the textures, and then falls textures prey to the influence of the continuous determination of the forces of gravity , leading to distorted or exit from the natural shape . lies the importance of research to find a rehabilitation program for Tmtih muscles associated with the syndrome rib cervical to improve the situation of the individual in the performance of movements appropriate and improve the situation of the individual skeleton and stay away from surgical intervention As the magnitude of the difficulties on the infected person in addition to the rehabilitation program last to improve the scalability muscles surrounding the neck . imagine that you are suffering from pain and dysfunction in the sense of the area cervical and weakness in the muscles of the hand of the Interior and accompanied also symptoms of vascular upper limbs such as excessive sweating , cold, cyanosis of the fingers and changes in trophic skin Moreover , you can not carry some of the things in your hand and is dangling down , but trying to carry things when commends the elbow joint or raise your hand to the top . Thus, you have two choices: surgery or physical therapy because you are infected syndrome rib cervical and in need of rehabilitation program for the elongation of the muscles surrounding the syndrome rib cervical so as not to put pressure on the proximal parts of it of nerves , veins and arteries in addition to the changes that occur in the strength of the individual because of the practices and postures wrong as a result of the pain associated with for the patient , so the presence of rehabilitation therapy is to restore and maintain the strength of the neck , shoulder and upper back and the exclusion of any surgery which requires no software to be intensive and special status of each patient .

The best period for the transition of lactic acid from the muscles to the blood and its impact on the pulse rate and blood pressure during recovery

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 15-30

The science of physiology and sports one of the science mission in the field of physical education , which is closely related to other sciences , especially science sports training , which aims to improve and develop athletic achievement through the events of a set of functional changes to the organs and vital organs , which reflects the evolution in the level. And the game of basketball and one of the sports anaerobic and where the energy system is the dominant system of lactic acid . So it became necessary for workers in the field of athletic training , taking into account the successor of this system from the accumulation of high levels of this acid in the muscles and blood and this in turn leads to muscle fatigue when you increase it. Therefore, the evaluation of training curricula for events anaerobic lactated become one of the important things for coaches and longer tests and physiological measurements are clear evidence to determine the level of adaptation for devices vital through responsiveness to load the physical and the level of concentration of lactic acid , which is one of the important indicators as well as pulse and pressure on the situation training these indicators reflect the level of adjustment caused by the training curriculum , which underwent its players and coaches that will enable the discovery of the extent to which the desired objectives of the curriculum . I agree with most of the specialists in the field of sports that tests the maximum oxygen consumption (Vo2max) reflects the ability of the body aerobic and carry on the ongoing work for a long period of time but there is another way to Atstdei of sports do the utmost effort and is working to limit the least of the maximum , a method of measuring the concentration of lactic acid accumulated after physical effort , which is a good indicator reflects the evolution in the level of physical performance after participation in training or competition , so it has varied views of specialists in this field on the determination of the period of time for the transition of lactic acid from muscle to blood to get the highest percentage in the blood during the period recovery from here define the research problem to figure out the best period for the entry into force of lactic acid from muscle cells into the blood