Volume 8, Issue 1, Autumn 2008, Page 1-211

Analytical study of the site the best achievement of the six attempts in throwing and jump athletics

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 28-40

Events are athletics events that are practiced in various parts of the world because of their privacy competitive appeal to young and old alike and Events flinging jump is one of the events that figured most athletes for its significant role in a show of force and have fun in the competition , has allowed the law of the game with three attempts at qualifying for the large number of runners and give three additional attempts to best eight contestants and thus share the contestants the top eight are six attempts to give a great opportunity to show the competition to achieve big numbers , was interested researchers former in several directions for these events , including the means of education and training and the importance of the elements of fitness and anthropometric measurements and their relationship accomplishment, was marked by our current study site best accomplished contestants early attempts six given by law for them to a clearer picture of the coaches and all stakeholders the game in how to invest these attempts ins rather than a burden of additional endures rider . by researchers tracked the outcome of the Arab school fourteenth for Ahzaw contrast racers in general in their investigation of the best achievement in attempts six granted to them in the race some made ​​it in three attempts the first others they have achieved in attempts last three for the purpose of studying this phenomenon felt Researchers conduct their research by analyzing site best accomplished in flinging jump for males and females in this competition

The impact of the use of means to assist in the learning and development of some of the youth team Alharrat Basketball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 127-146

Require success factors in the field of sports to follow proper scientific method that can achieve what they aspire coaches to reach the best results and the longer the game of basketball games that you need to research and continuous study of what skills are characterized by high technical performance . The aids and training devices are of great importance in the work training to be effective in the development of motor skills and physical attributes lies the importance of research in finding and Saaúl help new help in the development of basketball skills and access to performance skills right and avoid technical errors and Economy effort and time. Which undoubtedly aids in the learning and development of motor skills of great importance in the game of basketball . Through follow-up researcher 's field basketball game being a player and coach and a teacher noticed a significant weakness in this capacity , particularly in the technical performance of skills among basketball players Iraqi general and youngsters in particular attributed the researcher that the lack or non-use of aids and devices special training in the development of motor skills own solution to this problem felt manufacturing and educational methods are proposed for the development of skills .

Reality tournaments school for boys in Diwaniyah province and ways of developing them

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 177-211

The research involved five doors in the door first , a definition of research and touched the researcher to the forefront of research and its importance , where college sports is the main tributary , which develops talent and sports clubs , which flows into the players and the various events as well as supplying the national teams. So the interest in sports is a university is important and inevitable in order to discover talent and create opportunities for the talented and the establishment of tournaments at the university level and at the level of universities in the country to show the talents of students and different activities . And that any delay in the movement of college sports has a clear impact on the sports movement in general . The importance of research to identify the reality of sports leagues for boys at the University of Qadisiyah and knowledge of the most important problems of and ways to develop them , either the research problem is the research problem in recognizing the reality of sports leagues at the University of Qadisiyah through a number of events held her tournaments and also through colleges to participate in tournaments and also try to find ways to develop them. The objectives of the research are to recognize the reality of sports leagues at the University of Qadisiyah . Ways to develop the reality of sports leagues at the University of Qadisiyah . And authorized the search there is variation in the teams participating in the tournament , as well as the skill level of the players the development of physical education classes in schools is competent in sports is one of the ways to develop the mathematical level sports championships at the University of Qadisiyah . In Part II touched the researchers to the following topics ( the objectives of courses and sports leagues and the objectives of the Directorate of sports activities ) and touched a researcher at the third chapter to the research methodology and procedures, field and included research methodology where researchers used the descriptive style of the survey and also touched on the research sample who are coaches sports in Directorate of sporting activity and the Committee to extra-curricular activities at the Faculty of Physical Education and the total number of samples (29) was addressed to the research tools used and the test used and the scientific basis for the test and experience the exploratory and main experiment and the means and tools used and statistical means ) either in the door the fourth has been presented the results obtained by the researcher in the form of tables and then the researcher analyzed and discussed. It was in Chapter V addressed to the conclusions and recommendations reached by the researchers and the most important conclusions : that the underlying causes that hinder the participation of colleges in the sports leagues are ( non-allocation of time for sports activities in most colleges , Preference students play a significant role in the formation of teams for events without Other , non- accounting colleges is common in tournaments University leads to the continued lack of participation. main reasons that prevent or hinder the establishment of tournaments for some sporting events are the ( lack of stadiums and facilities for some events , set up tournaments for many events lead to the exploitation of a great time , and this affects the students participating ) . either Maitalq and college sports coaches and parents Moors has emerged that there are no problems between colleges and colleges or coaches and parents also appeared that there is support by parents to

Effect approach to health-related fitness in some functional capacity

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 147-158

The growing global interest in the subject of fitness as a result of its importance and the urgent necessity to reduce the risk factors for diseases resulting from the era lack of movement generated by technological advances and the availability of amenities. I have dealt with many of the researchers in the developed world threads fitness Alibd intention and its relation to health and the impact on the efficiency of the individual work and production and the degree of effectiveness in the community , has developed strategies for the application of fitness programs Alibd intention to different age groups and both sexes even counting physical activity and motor linked to the cultural heritage Nations . The performance of the exercises on a regular basis with the regularity of the time the performance of the two definite relationship issue of reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease and respiratory reduction of mental disorders and to help overcome the psychological pressure . Confirms interested in studies community health need attention adjustment programs of physical year and improve the efficiency of the circulatory system tract is the basis for the adjustment processes and scale a certified public health , and is scarcely destruction of the body and the rates of moderate severity and time of performance of the long lead to a process of change in the style of life of the individual. The importance of physical fitness is not limited to men , but the women who constitute half of the society , which took its role is growing in all areas of life , Aln nature of their participation in physical activities and sports events competitiveness does not constitute an active presence in our Arab society . And see "Wyrick, 1971" that there are at least two reasons for them relationship extent of women's participation in physical activity and sports are two environmental factors and biological agents so it is necessary to identify these effects , especially biological ones in order to understand how to increase the size of women's participation in physical activity and sports , and even competitive .

Some functional relationship variables level of physical performance and skill to the stage setting for tennis players to the ground

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 40-57

Training is aware of modern science advanced closely linked to much of the physiological sciences , medical and biological sciences as well as education and psychology and biomechanics . So it is one of the sciences that depend on the laws and rules and principles and theories acquired through long scientific expertise , and as a result of research conducted in many scientific fields that belong to the training process . It has been proven scientifically that the response of the vital organs of the body and muscles for sports training are particularly important to know the physical and functional improvement and the skill of the athletes , and through knowledge of the method and degree of internal load , which is the basis of the follow-up training requirements in terms of the external load . It is also known that the practice of physical training in the various regular basis , especially running and physical exercises that follow the laws of known pregnancies in size and intensity and comfort thus lead to a clear reduction in the blood, and the widening of the arteries as well as the marked improvement in the components of fitness increases the level of adjustment that gets to the level of player As a result of the application of the training curriculum . This incident, along with the change in all organs of the body ( respiratory circulatory system - the muscular system - skeletal system ..... etc. ) The focus of this study is to find out adaptations functional organs of the body that occur for tennis players during the setup through special tests performed by Researchers in the field of sports medicine and the resulting real indicators reflect the extent of improvement reached by the players , especially since the performance skills and physical combined with implementation level of interdependence between the variables and functional adaptation in performance and thus constitute important link in the setup and this means that the foundation upon which to build player in the implementation of the tasks entrusted to him in the competition . Thus, in order for coaches to develop and improve these capabilities through the levels that have been identified to stage competitions

Trends graduate students of the faculties of Physical Education in Iraq toward research in football (1982 - 2005)

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 58-78

Human societies have taken steps toward a broad and influential development and scientific progress , which invaded all spheres of life , especially educational institutions , including universities. In Iraq lived through this progress is clearly in Iraqi universities and the development of curricula and mechanisms and studies , including open postgraduate ( Masters and PhD ) in several disciplines , including physical education in universities ( Baghdad, Basra , Mosul and Babil, Qadisiyah and Diyala provinces , Sulaymaniyah and Salah al-Din ), and despite a variation of this university in the lead for this side as well as provide the society and its schools and its universities produced by competent cadres but they all went and confident evolutionary steps . Discussed MA theses and doctoral several topics of theoretical and practical pertaining to the field of physical education and sport to reflect the psychological attitudes of graduate students and the nature of their orientation to the sport or that, and football is one of the most important issues the process and sports , which means by the researchers and with great interest to the developed during the various and kinetic aspects of training , psychological and so they feel that towards privacy and not for others. And aesthetic of this game and its popularity as a game Jamahiriya first in most of the existing communities , so must be the pursuit of research and study, which actively and significantly to Taattoerha scientifically commensurate with the rules of the mass , comes this development through scientific research right that lurks every problem you may encounter practitioners or followers of this game to be addressed accurately. Through experience researcher Ltd. in the field of scientific research for graduate students ( master's and doctoral ) in Iraqi universities with regard to the football game turns out , lack of interest in knowing the direction of graduate students towards research and study in this game and that reflects in fact be psychological tendency for these students so, where they can observe the impact of trends in cases of behavioral activity . (1)

Anaerobic capacity and its relationship to performance skills to accurately hit the overwhelming volleyball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 115-126

That evolution in various sporting events , including volleyball game due to proper planning based on scientific grounds and effective based on the results of research and studies in basic science and the accompanying physical education , and science of athletic training is one of the science that Ertbatt other sciences , through which can improve performance physical and tactical skills and to achieve the best achievements . And the game of volleyball and one of the games that are associated with the evolution of the level of performance of the players functional capabilities , physical, tactical , psychological and other , which makes it imperative for researchers and instructors to adopt curricula modern training and to identify the levels and abilities of the players career and skill and tactical and physical , it is by standing on the status of training for the players should use the tests and measurements appropriate to find out levels because the tests are " a means of evaluation and measurement , diagnosis and guidance in the curriculum , program and different plans for all levels and ages , it acts as a pointer, and clearly indicate the extent of progress and success in achieving the objectives of objectivity" (1) . Through the desire of researchers and their sense of the need to identify the capabilities of volleyball players functional , physical, and rates of progress and straightened, and stand on some of the causes which stand without offering the level of performance art to them , especially in some of the functional capabilities and skills , thereby improving the performance of these capabilities and access to the best achievements , it which makes this research contributes to a serious contribution in solving problems in the field that reflects the deterioration of the results in the game of volleyball specifically . Skill beating landslide is one of attacking skills essential in the game of volleyball and through the finely honed outperform the team and reap points directly and then win, and the longer this game of gaming action Alternate systems of Ondma energy are ( energy system of anaerobic and aerobic system ) that depend on the efficiency of muscle action and nervous system

Skills and their relationship to self-order difference volleyball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 79-100

The development of the mathematical level and progress until reaching advanced levels high does not come haphazardly and not coincidence , but rather needs to features and physical skill and mental well so that we can get to those high levels . This is not only through rigorous studies that are based on sound analysis of any state or athletic skill of multiple skills in various sporting events . The volleyball game because of what it possesses the advantages of a very special is different from the rest of the other sports , and through the style of play since any error occurs by the player during the course of a match leads directly to the loss of points, and this , on the contrary of the rest of the sporting events and other miscellaneous than requires the preparation of volleyball players special numbers with a high level of all -round skills and physical and psychological . Because of the positions and situations and roles footwork performed by an individual in the field of sports , the importance of self and self skill stand out for us are clear in this area through its direct impact on the same player and that is reflected on the offer from the level during the course of the game , when the individual feels the situation of dissatisfaction This will be reflected in a negative the accomplished athlete ; is known about the game of volleyball as one of the games the difference it is rich in many of the attitudes and basic skills varied , wherein skills, offensive and defensive Matsahbha of psychological emotions many increase with the importance of a match , especially the critical ones where we know what caused negative emotions when athletes from negative impact on the level of performance and therefore on the final result of a match .

An analysis of some variables pause ready - based on the feet - before the performance of different types of transmission of the infection to the critical region in the future football player tennis

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 1-28

The transmission is one of the most important basic skills that should be on the player finely honed perfectly where you start PAUSE readiness and " be a pause to prepare the same for all strikes transmitters which are of importance because they represent is part of the implementation of the strike " (1) and through the player can sender from getting direct point If it was difficult for the player the future ( the recipient ) and have noted the researchers through the French international Open men's singles of the 2004 diversity in the stops to prepare for the performance of the transmission so that these stances help to force the player future Birdalkrh stroke background , one of the strikes, the defense and not the reins of the attack as in front of this strike in the event that the transmission of leads either to the right in the event that the transmission leads from the left, the future attempt to answer a knock the ball forward when the ball falls in the critical region (*) - located opposite the striking hand - it is moving to a place located outside or on the borders of the pitch and the player reveals the square in front of the sender ( attacker ) Investment in reply and make a point by making the biggest in this case is .

Distribution of attention and its relation to accurately make the decision to referees volleyball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 166-176

Is a game of volleyball games that accompanied the progress and his career continued and this is evident by the change in the rules of the game its own as well as the players , in addition to excellence as easy and fun performance by the players and the excitement and suspense the public about the practice and observation , there are basic elements of the game , a stadium , tools , Players the referees , who make up the main component of the output of the match as required and managed every game by the rule of first his absolute power to apply articles of the law of the game in collaboration with the second provision , which has the power also add to the rulers of the sidelines and sentenced recorder , where all those providing advice and assistance on the decision-making of the events that did not watched himself considered the referee's decisions with respect to the facts and the facts related to the final pitch . " The judgment permanently interaction inside the stadium with the events of the game and requires a knowledge of nature in order to be able to conform with and invested to achieve justice in order to give the right decisions for this game is the psychological factor is one important factor in the accuracy of the decision. , We find that it is necessary to be characterized by the referee to prepare well and integrated in All aspects ( technical , physical , psychological , health ) in order to be ready to manage any match cost leadership look good is far from the mistakes committed to the causes and effects are many , whether internal anxiety and tension or external audience or the players or the circumstances of the game , lack psychological readiness to rule before the game affect the level of performance and reduces its ability to distribute attention on all of the match , operations are mental task in arbitration and rely on the distribution of attention and which do not take the role of a large and important role in development programs rulers but adopted programs on the physical aspects at the expense of the rest of the other aspects .

A comparative study of the level of aggressive behavior of abusers and non-abusers of amphetamine-steroidal constructivism of bodybuilders

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2008, Volume 8, Issue 1, Pages 101-114

Has become a lot of individuals trying to reach this perfect physical as soon as possible ways and less effort walks many of these young people to use some types of hormonal steroids structural and that would increase the magnitude of the muscle so that it works these steroids to increase the amount of hormones structural causes of the magnitude of the muscle and no doubt where the increase abnormal for these materials within the body will lead to serious side effects of the most important congenital malformations and infertility and mental disorders , etc., and become abusers of these steroids behave abnormally in their dealings with others , and notes that in their aggressive behavior against individuals or things as that the quantities abnormal produced in the body or added to it of male hormones or steroidal is causing irritability violent inside the body and mentions Dr ( harmony Mahmoud forgotten : 2005) that individuals who have higher rates of hormones steroidal Sriau emotion and the fiercest of individuals with moderate levels of those hormones. Through the above came the importance of research in order to identify the effect of doping the structural behavior of the individual aggressive and definition of working in the field of sports in general and the game of building objects , especially the risks of these steroids and effectiveness increasing for mental disorders in athletes abusers for this kind of steroids and that trend to limit and reduce the non- abuse is one of the priorities to be provided to the individual athlete . Hence the problem of the research to find out the levels of aggressive behavior among drug abusers and non- abusers of amphetamine , as well as knowledge of the structural differences between them which helps in spreading awareness against doping this evening and avoid dealt with Random