Volume 7, Issue 3, Autumn 2007, Page 1-240

Measuring psychological reassurance to the players, some games the difference (building and application)

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 156-178

Represents the psychological aspects of the special athletes one important bases on which they depend setup process integrated athlete , which aims to get him to the highest levels of performance , which reflects the optimal image of his abilities and thus to Uribe in which the psychologically represented in many of the features that give the picture the obvious clarity on the situation , which represents a psychological situation experienced athlete as a result of factors that surround the process of preparing to fight in sports competitions and the main objective of the process of preparing the psychological is to reach athlete to the possibility of the ability to adjust the variables and psychological factors with negative impact on its potential and bring it to a degree of reassurance psychological , which reflects the psychological condition of balanced which reflect the extent to absorb what surrounds it from the variables affecting the psychological situation if not completed the process in numbers psychological as required and it shows us that the arrival of the sports to the case of reassuring psychological require the player and coach a great effort so that each working in the direction that serves the continuation of the construction process of psychological right , which in turn represents the starting point for the integration process of preparing the athlete fully , so the construction of an instrument for measuring the level of reassurance psychological players some sports is a way that enables us to stand on the degree of reassurance psychological have which makes the picture clear in front of the player and the coach regarding the psychological stability to the player and therefore work to adjust the variables that affect the achievement of the player of the state of psychological reassurance that constitute the basic rule in response to sports and his ability to continue in the tender and evaluation of creativity and high level of achievement of results developed .

Personality traits and their relationship to energy psychological volleyball players

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 144-155

The volleyball game today is more movement than it was , with the development of increased requirements of physical, mental and skill and tactical , and has evolved its laws to conform with the development requirements of the other , this development has increased from the reality of the burden rests with the players and that must be borne out with positive results in the games , and so it is not necessary to the enjoyment of the players character traits that qualify them to , and raise the mental energy to the optimum level for the performance of the games in a positive spirit . For the purpose of creating players for the performance of the game , you can not overlook the psychological aspect , which decided the match in case of a tie the players capabilities of other , Valsmat profile enjoyed by the players is one of the important factors that provide the player powered psychological and through which players can maintain their concentration higher than reflected positively on take appropriate decisions in defense and attack . Lies the importance of research to identify the personality traits that enjoyed by players exert Volleyball ( sample ) and the level of energy that are characterized by psychological , as well as the relationship of these features with levels of psychic energy . That is enjoyed by players of psychic energy optimal increases the performance and tenacity in critical situations they face during the competition , and that's where each player personality traits characterized by featuring them on the other , or consistent in each with his peers in line with the requirements of the game , and that each player a certain level of psychic energy positively or negatively

An analytical study of the effectiveness of teams (technical and tactical mistakes and legal) to participate in the World Cup championship in football in Germany in 2006

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 129-143

Recorded football in the present day sophisticated and clear in terms of the high number of practitioners as well as the high number of competitions , and the evidence of this development is the fact that the International Federation of Football of (FiFA) became oversees the monitoring of more than 198 national federation as well as the organization of a large number of competitions , including world Cup for the cubs , as well as the World Cup U- 16 world Cup year and for youth under 19 years old and Women's World Cup and the World Cup Futsal closed . But the World Cup remains at the level of adult 's biggest global event of the States in the field of sport where topping all sporting events because it is the first public game and there is no need to talk about where he majored popularity media audio-visual space of time her big

The reality of the implementation of free throws at the team basketball club Hilla

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 71-96

The basketball game one of the games the difference that must be Ttantha game where winning one team on the contestants , and the winning team is the one who scored the most points in the basket of his opponent , hence the skill of scoring is the skill of a holy grail among other basic skills in this game , It is assumed that employs all the other basic skills and sub ​​them directly or indirectly to serve this skill . And on the basketball player to learn basic skills and performed perfectly loud and under various conditions of play and games later , "and is the responsibility of the coaches teach and develop the capabilities of their athletes to perform these skills , particularly fruit gold for these skills and the game is a scoring " All the basic principles and collective games and the difference and studied to be irrelevant that did not culminate in the end of the attack injured Cart " ( ) and scoring as a skill essential multiple types , and these types of scoring from the free throw line ( scoring of stability ) , and given the kind of scoring when committed against a player striker personal fault , which in the case of scoring gives the law of the game right for this player to implement two free throws from the line called the free-throw line , which is ( 5.80 m) from the base line without being bothered him or challenge him for the player defender provides a law of the game so the opportunity to increase the balance of the attacking team , one point for every pitch and in accordance with Article 43 of the law of International Football Basketball "and" sometimes " gives this player throws three if it committed a mistake in the case of scoring from outside the three -point arc . Free throws play a role , " whatever " and a great " opportunity to increase the team to win the game because they add points " almost certain to balance the team points , and the team that scores the most points in the basketball game is the team that wins this game.

Determine the levels of standard elements of fitness for youth team football

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 205-227

The significant role played by the tests and standards in all areas of life as the primary means of evaluating the substantive areas of life in their general form and the sports field , in particular in order to increase awareness and the desire to stir enthusiasm and drive as well as stand on the fact that the levels and the ground on which it stands the team as a group and the players as individuals , all of this is reflected in positively on the progress levels in sports all in football , in particular, the game that has become today's game of power and speed together Fajtfatt configurations and developed plans Played leading to higher requirements of the players physical because of the many duties of the time may increase , sometimes for up to more than 120 minutes, which requires fitness high provide for the performance of duties as the base upon which the performance of technical and tactical , so it became necessary to be chosen players based on what they enjoy the skills and specifications of components and physical , from here came the attempt to researchers in determining the levels of standard elements of fitness to be on the light choosing a qualified junior players to put themselves in training schools by passing a series of tests which facilitates the work of the coaches in the selection of the best elements of qualifying to reach the upper levels , as well as the objective assessment and to identify the level of the individual within the group to which he belongs .

Comparative study of renal function for runners short distances of 100 m and 50 m freestyle swimmers

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 49-58

The similarity between the pool 50 -meter freestyle and the enemy of 100 m is the use of sports to his body parts are approximately equal in addition to the use of energy system and one ( system Alfosagaginat ) mainly , either the difference shall be in the concept of the aquatic environment and their impact is different in the resistance, which is characterized by the addition to the lack of sweating ratio , while the practice of the enemy in the air is normal because of the human body adapted to live in such an environment . The foregoing note that should the coach and athlete recruitment and conditioning organs of the body , including the kidneys work career to do the effort of physical and work to keep him on a regular basis , and is characterized by both two events relying on maximum speed and high intensity and this affected indicators kidneys functional like indicators functional Other in the body type of physical effort by the practitioner of sports . "As coaches , we find that people have temporary changes associated with physical activity , as well as physiological changes continuously and permanently ." The process of measuring indicators salts and indices of urea and creatine of indicators that reflect our kidneys work directly and effectively is the significance of these indicators for swimmers is very important , because the proportion of sweating in the water , causing the process of direct pressure on the kidneys work career, unlike the effectiveness of the enemy ( jogging ) Vtdl this event is to increase the proportion of sweating and thus the lack of pressure generated by the kidneys with the help of the sweat glands , which leads to increased blood concentration and through these fundamental differences Arta researchers to study this problem in order to fall into the real character of the work of the kidneys with swimmers 50 -meter freestyle and runners of 100 m , which represents the type of events ran short distances .

Training effectiveness Albulaomitri distance vertical jump and their impact on the scoring by jumping and some special physical qualities basketball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 228-240

Aims science of sports training to develop the levels of physical performance and skill in order to achieve the accomplishments of high through access to advanced centers in the various events and sports activities , and a variety of methods of sports training but trained in various sports activities seek to apply the best of these species and the most suitable one using the most sophisticated means and so as to reach exploit the physical attributes for the type of activity the practitioner and his money from a direct impact on the development of performance skills through a variety of means and factors other assistance . , and multiple types of methods of sports training , so it is a training method Albulaiotrk one of these important species that contribute significantly to the development of certain physical attributes such as strength The maximum speed-strength to the muscles of the two men in particular. The training of the physical attributes of the factors helping to develop the level of performance skills in the game of basketball , because whenever evolve physical attributes whenever working on developing basic skills and this skill is the skill of scoring the basketball as it is considered the final stage , and this skill that determines the results by scoring It is the difference between competing types of scoring skill is scoring jumping . Where each player that maintains and develops vertical jump distance through the development of speed-strength of the muscles of the legs , hence the importance of research showing that training where Albulaomitri affects Palace time touching the feet of the land and the occurrence of the rapid contraction of the muscles working . In doing so , the researcher in the study of the effect of training at a distance Albulaomitri vertical jump and see the impact on the scoring by jumping and some special physical qualities in the game of basketball .

The intensity of muscle work of the muscles involved in a test of sit, lie down, lie down and slash on the back of different situations

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 35-48

And that this huge amount of weight equivalent to half the weight of the body , then we must take care of him and we are developing at different stages of life and that the muscles of the body are all working cooperatively and up with each other which lead duty fundamental to change the speed of movement through the generation of power , a source of both energy The power and heat , and also to change the speed of movement generated by the human and should care about what deity muscle work during the performance as well as the types of muscles or groups of muscle that run directly during motor performance , as well as the origin and slurred muscle in order to be focused on in line with the range of locomotor and how a working relationship muscle extent of the detailed started working on the muscle hence the importance of research to identify the post -NSH working muscles in physical tests of different situations and allowing will select the appropriate exercises to develop these muscles . The muscles important role in the production process of movement through the conversion of chemical energy into mechanical energy , and in spite of such importance to the muscles of the human body are not Thoudy studies and research and through informed researchers on the sources of modern scientific and found that when testing physical players of different situations there will be several muscles involved in this test example test sit , lie down and test lie on the abdomen and not the muscle rectus abdominis muscle and the femoral muscle and the sacral and the biceps femoris and proportions mixed and there is no study identifying these percentages with the participation of the muscles involved in the test , which led to delve into the problem to see the muscles involved in the tests facility.

Levels of behavioral objectives mental (cognitive), according to Bloom's Taxonomy and the extent of its application in the teaching curriculum specialist for the College of Physical Education

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 97-119

Calendar educational system of education. ( Education : the thing is to create off Vhala pretty cosine ) (1 : 336 ) . , We need to look to the origin of accommodation for students on the basis of the comparison between them, that the classification of individuals on the basis of the ability of the toughest operations and the most accurate and stir for sensitivity in our society and must be careful societies , especially democratic ones on quality and excellence , and without this care consequences can be dire , a decline of standards and deterioration taste and the shallowness of Education and licensed political and authoritarian ÇÍŘ rules and the lowest and plays science major role in today's world it permeates every area of ​​our contemporary life and affects a profound impact and is Faculty of Physical Education , one of the important institutions that have a significant role in the preparation and the creation of future leaders - leaders practical any them the ability to manage groups of different human and unite their efforts in the format of one or layout homogeneous - where no secret role played by the physical education teacher during the school attendance through to prepare for the various school activities but was at the level of the school Kalnchat classroom or outside Kalnchat extracurricular - festivals and races - the one side and the other side near the physical education teacher psychologically from the students , we notice the majority of the students when they suffer the problem of what are resorting to physical education teacher because they have a personal idealism and integrated in the qualities he has of Madh and tenderness and screen who is seeking various ways to solve their problem and venting about their concerns . Whereas the process of setting educational composed of three elements ( the student and the curriculum and teacher ) and what was the method is static variable in this process during the years of the study, the dependent variable in the educational process can not be the only student he proceeds as provided by the approach of Information what gives teaching as a commander of the educational process expertise to accommodate the curriculum, and thus the teacher is the independent variable in this process and this Arti researcher studying the pattern of questions set by the teachers of this institution for being ( questions) are a measure of the level of teaching teacher vocabulary curriculum to prepare students ( faculty neo ) in order to identify kinks in the process, being a ( teacher ) independent variable that significantly affect the process of the preparation of the dependent variable ( new faculty ) .

اثر الحمل البدني على صرف الطاقة المنظم والهادف في عمل الجهاز الدوري التنفسي

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 1-35

The progress in the mathematical level begins the planning process for the unit training and identify their goals and how to access them , and one of the most important of those ways upon which to achieve the goals familiarity with working in the field of training in how to legalize loads in a manner consistent with the possibilities and abilities of the players , as well as with the characteristics and duties of activity practitioner and more importantly, must have the know-how on how to increase the components of pregnancy with the continuation of the process of preparation. And a summary of what was said than basic is to reach a high level of performance and achievement in the Type of event or game that exercised through responses functional devices vital and reach out to economic work as well as good and high her ​​acting career in line with the type of activity performed or loads physical located on the players during the sports competitions and a way that makes the energy spent in the work of the machine career while performing load proportional to the intensity and size of the load outside , which means that the metabolic processes that take place in the cells of the body during the performance of pregnancy outside in spite of the performance of pregnancy the level of the basic structure is greater than the level of catabolism . ( 33:9 ), and here lies the problem of the research and the need for them to identify the level of energy expenditure in the circulatory system while performing load external Although accomplished as often note the completion of the test by two individuals , but do not know the level of energy expenditure any harmony energy spent with the severity of Labour and size , in addition to the expense of testing the efficiency of the heart and other variables that demonstrate the extent of regulation in energy expenditure level of the size of the external load without adding to the burden of the organs of the body that can be measured by the response devices after performing physical effort .

Muscle development ability of the two men and their relationship to balance index and the performance level of skill Arabic jump on the table land movements

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 59-71

The ability of muscle and one of the components of fitness important because of its profound impact in improving and developing the level of athletic performance . The balance indicator mechanically integral and important part in most of the gymnastics skills , including the skill of Arabic jump that requires the control of the player to the work of the organs of his body neuromuscular to maintain body position during performance , since it depends on how this movement moving the muscles of the body without losing his poise through contraction and extroversion . In order checks poise body during the performance must be the work of muscles equal any that the outcome of the forces acting on the muscle equal to zero , and on the contrary, when the working muscles around the joint is stronger than the muscle group interview her about the joint itself , it means imbalance of power on this detailed which leads to muscle imbalance and thus the possibility of the fall of the player being hit. It is important to use education and training curricula suited to teach those skilled form of technical and physical evolving through competency development muscle to the player and to improve the indicator mechanical balance , which shows through the balance of the power of the working muscles , especially the area the lower limb of the body . Reached many of the studies in theory he must be trained to muscle corresponding to the working muscles in order to improve performance (1) , the importance of coordination and consistency in training the core muscle group dynamics and anti- installed and you work at the same time .

The impact of sports activities in curbing the physiological and psychological disorders associated with the menstrual cycle (menstrual)

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 179-204

Examine the impact of sporting activities to curb unrest physiological and psychological associated with the menstrual cycle ( menstrual ) a survey brokered a questionnaire prepared for this purpose presented to the three groups , the first practicing sports activities on an ongoing basis and the second exercise of these activities is uneven , and the third is not exercised absolute . The results showed that the third set was one of the most affected groups of physiological and psychological disorders associated with the menstrual cycle is clearly not to follow them and practice any sports activities absolutely . While it was noted that totals less affected by these disorders are the first group ( Group sports ) practice for sports activities on an ongoing basis .

A comparative study in the values ​​of certain variables Albyukinmetekih skill overwhelming beating back of the central (1) and (6) Volleyball

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2007, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 120-129

The attacking skills in the game of volleyball the most advanced among the skills of other , especially at the global level and these skills skill beating the crushing of the back line , which is most commonly used in order to influence the effective defenses of the opposing team and the achievement points will be deducted as a result of the game as he used Players perform this kind from the attack of the region the right rear of the stadium and the so-called center (1) and more recently resorted trained to use the tactic of attacking rear last of the posterior region of Central Stadium and the so-called Center (6) is that this attack differs from the first tactically it is prepared ball has a lower gear and fast to sudden bulwark and defense of the opposing team . From here, reflected the importance of research to shed light on how to use these two types of attack and find the values ​​of the amount of variables Albyukinmetekih and clarify the picture with the player and the coach together about what the performance of these two types of attack for the purpose of accessing the players to a certain level of perception between the two types of on the other hand access to the real purpose of their use . Follow through researcher League Volleyball World and watch the league matches the local Premier found that there was confusion in the performance of the skill of beating crushing the rear of the Central (1 ) and (6 ) with our players the result of lack of proper knowledge of the differences that distinguish both performers private and that they are similar in terms of external shape , leading to the use of overwhelming skill beating back of the center (6) in a different way because it is a way of performance and therefore Aihakq tactical objective to attack the center of this attack , which becomes ineffective.