Keywords : Exercises

((The impact of the use of differing heights exercises in the development of some types of muscle strength of young powerlifters))

Nawar abdallah Lami; Nazar Nadhim Hameed; Sayf al-Din wask Mohammed

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2016, Volume 16, Issue 2, Pages 140-147

The research aims to identify the impact of exercises elevations varying in the development of some types of muscular strength of weightlifters young people to solve one of the problems facing the development of lifters and achieve the feat and records a low use of tools and modern tools to assist in training so the researchers adopted the use rises disparate device to develop some aspects of muscle strength the Raba, which in turn feed into improving the level of achievement of the digital powerlifters. As researchers used the experimental method with the same pre and posttest one experimental group, has been selected sample Find the way intentional players Diyala Sports Club Youth Weightlifting Co in Iraq Championship for the sports season in 2015, has researchers used appropriate statistical means a bag statistical spss to get the results , results and resulted in the presence of statistically significant differences in the pre-test-dimensions significant differences and all search variables and in favor of the post test, has been recommending the need to use exercises elevations varying during the training modules and give it the importance of the training of the types of muscle strength for the development of performance and achievement of powerlifters requirements.