Keywords : Time Curve

Characteristics of force-time curve and its relations with biomechanical variables when performing the centre block of (3-4) positions in the volleyball

Kariman Hussein Ajeel; Dr. Ahmed Abdul Amir Shabar

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2016, Volume 16, Issue 1, Pages 127-135

The research aims to find relations connectivity interfaces to the characteristics of the power curve - time and variables Bio kinematic when performing skill bulwark player Center (center block) from the movement of the center ( 3-4 ) volleyball , was used descriptive approach style ties connectivity , and the sample consisted of players search specialists in the center (3) in the elite League for the Iraqi sports season ( 2014-2015 ) Totaling (8) player and picked researcher sample deliberate way who play in clubs elite volleyball They His best performance specialist for the center , and some of Bio kinematic variables extracted players from a foot Scan foot Scanner (Zebris) adoption , and the researchers concluded that there is a difference in the curves recorded in the performance characteristics and the time of their impact on the length of the stages of the move to the skill bulwark of the movement of the player (center block) from the center ( 3-4 ) Volleyball on your foot Scanner