Keywords : Sports Medicine

Effect of ultrasound and physical activity in the relief of delayed muscle pain in terms of prostoclandin , electrical activity and some indicators of muscle damage to basketball players

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2017, Volume 17, Issue 2, Pages 95-102

The research aims to identify the effect of method (ultrasound) in physiotherapy on the relief of delayed muscular pain in terms of the study variables (effects of pain Prochocandin - CPK - LDH). As for the research problem, it is often faced by players in all events, including basketball players a common problem, namely, the occurrence of muscular late after a break from training for a period of time or the result of high training pressure.
The research methodology and its field procedures, whereas the researcher used the experimental method to solve the research problem because it is the appropriate method on a sample. The researcher then chose the research society in a deliberate way. They are the youth basketball players of Diwaniyah club (7 players) for the 2017 sports season . Because of the absence of two players on the performance of tests and their dilatory they were excluded results to reach the final number of the sample (5) players, subject one of the method of treatment (ultrasound).They subjected to the jogging system on the walker. The homogeneity of the sample was determined in the factors affecting the research variables (length, weight, and training age) and the research variables under study (Prostoclandin, CPK, LDH) 5) consecutive days from 21/05/2017 until 25/05/2017 if both groups on the first day to the physical effort on the bike Monarch test (Wingate) for 30 seconds or on the day (2-3-4-5) The two groups were exposed to individual devices and then physical activity was exposed to the walker. The researcher used the appropriate statistical means to obtain results in line with the objectives of the study. The researcher concluded the following:
The therapeutic agent have a positive effect on the relief of delayed muscle pain. According to the differences in the values of the biochemical variables during the three measurements