Keywords : ADHD

The effect of motor method of education in reducing ADHD for children (8-10 years) According to Gender

Mohammed Radhi Adhab

Al.Qadisiya journal for the Sciences of Physical Education, 2016, Volume 16, Issue 2, Pages 74-80

The research includes the introduction and the importance of research that the kindergarten stage of education targeted no less important than other levels of education as it is a distinct educational stage, and Education kinetic concept educational based in achieving its objectives on the principle of drafting procedural behavioral method soft in the management of the educational process; where represent the imposition of Find Yan program kinetic education influence morally experimental group is greater than the experimental group of males to females in the ease hyperactivity for children (8-10 years), where the researcher used the experimental method consisted sample children (the third primary and fourth) males and females at the rate of four groups (two groups officer and Mjmuatien experimental dish) program them for suitability problem and the nature of the research, was contained Find also Results then analyzed suitable ways as discussed scientifically accurate, has the researcher to many of the conclusions that the program kinetic Education influential "morally" in reducing hyperactivity for children ( 8-10 years) and unisex males and females as well as the presence of Manish differences between them and in favor of males because males are more active "than females. He completed a researcher purely a set of recommendations concern the development of programs Educational motor by researchers in the same field and to schools in other age levels, as well as that on educators and teachers use and application of programs and methods of kinetic Education to soothe and relieve Activity children with excess movement.